Lift Line Mask

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Size 20 Pack
Color Black

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Ergonomic design improves fit and comfort

Brushed, fine knit microfibre fabric protects from the elements

Cinches to reduce or expand the size

Customer Reviews

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Christina Drescher
Awesome masks - excessive plastic packaging

I ordered the amazing lift-line masks pack of 20. This is such a great deal for a quality mask! It's the first mask I've had that doesn't seem to cause mask-ne hehe. So comfy, breathable and good quality. They say 'hand wash only' but I just toss them in a lingerie bag on cold water wash, hang dry, and they came out great!

The only major con of this order was the every single mask came in a separate plastic bag. And those bags were in another plastic bag. It hurt my environmental heart. I spent time taking the stickers off of every bag so that I could recycle them at the flexible plastic depot. I understand that perhaps for covid safety, they did this assuming these masks were getting handed out to multiple people, but I would love to see you guys implement a "limited packaging" option for buyers so that we can choose to avoid the plastic.
Thanks! :)

Danielle Estana
Best Facemasks Ever!!

These are hands down my favorite facemasks. I Originally tried them because I used to work at a snowboard shop and they gave these out to us for free because of the pandemic and it was the softest and most breathable mask I’ve ever worn. The straps are easily adjustable which is a huge plus. They have a really nice fitting shape to them. I also wore these when I went snowboarding and they were very convenient and comfortable in line and even while I snowboarded. I got so sad when I lost the ones I got for free so I had to find them online and bought a whole pack.

Too many masks - not even mad

Accidentally ordered 40 instead of 20 but they’re so cheap but still quality I’m not even mad.

Milia Cotter

These masks fit great and are the ones my kids reach for the most! They are easily adjusted and fit a wide range of face shapes. We are very happy with our purchase.

Dustin Giesbrecht
Best mask

If a mask must be worn then this is the one. I find the fit and feel of the lift line mask is second to none. They fit every face shape very well.